Countdown: 40 days

27 08 2011

So, I was all for doing a Tuuka Rask post…but S won this battle (You’re welcome readers -S). [Insert wise-crack about the–Canucks not winning the Cup so we should give them something–here]

Here you go Canuck fans…

There are Maxime Lapierre days left until our favorite time of the year!!

All kidding aside, Lappy (and the Canucks) are pretty much awesome. And even though they played my hometown team in the Cup Finals–and got VERY nasty–I still love them. Shhh!! Don’t tell any of my Boston friends! I’m already close to being evicted from my own city. (We will happily accept you into the Bolt Brigade down here in Tampa after your eviction! -S)

Anyway, happy 40 days left on this countdown. And we’re even closer to the start of training camp! YAHOO! :)




2 responses

28 08 2011

I miss hockey season so much that today I am going to a baseball game solely because it is happening right next to the arena where our local AHL team plays. I don’t even like baseball…..

Is it October yet?

29 08 2011

Aww!! Well, 38 days until the first regular season puck drop….but hey, 3 weeks until training camp :) we’re all in this together. home stretch, baby!!!! wahoo!

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