What if??

27 08 2011

Have you ever stopped to think, “what if my team didn’t have this roster?” …

Well, here’s a different scenario. NHL.com posted a nice story–or draft, I should say…and let me tell you, it’s interesting.

“It took six hours, 15 people and 5 large cheese pizzas to get it done, but we drafted 690 hockey players to fill out 30 NHL rosters, and here they are.”

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Sid to Oilers??

Ovi to FL...ha!

And S & I’s favs…

Tanger to the Blues....so sad...

and I’m pretty sure S would drop dead if….

JStaal was ever playing for the Bolts...

And a few other highlights of the draft…

Islanders — Geno & PK

Senators — Luongo & The Neal Mobile

Leafs — Mike Green & Baby Segs

Devils — Max

Blue Jackets — Toews, Nash, Rask, Horton, and M. Staal (Stanley Cup winning team??)

Canes — Stammer & Sharp

Rangers — Jagr

Blackhawks — TIMMY T! …and Kesler :)

Pens —  E. Staal (at least they keep one Staal)

Red Wings — PKane & Vinny Lecavalier

Flyers — Jeff Skinner (so adorbs), Lucic, & Price

Caps — Flower (ha, Flower to the Caps…poor boy)

Canucks — Big Z.

So there are ton more that I missed, but these are the ones that caught my eyes. Feel free to check out the whole draft. It’s pretty cool. Kinda makes you think….




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