Countdown: 37 days

30 08 2011

If only my “hockey buddy” read this blog. If he did, I’m pretty sure he’d freak out at the next guy on this countdown. Besides Timmy T…this next guy is his FAVORITE Bruin. If only #37 actually knew my hockey buddy…it could turn into a beautiful bromance. (PS —  did you all know that ‘bromance’ is now an actual word in the dictionaries?! SCORE!)

There are Patrice Bergeron days left in this long (way too long) countdown.

A little over a month left, girls & boys. A little over 3 weeks left until training camp! We’re in the home stretch. We can make it! Stick together. And when you think  you can’t make it any longer (and/or severe depression begins to set in: tweet, email, text, or call someone who is a hockey lover like yourself.

Or you can come on over here, write a comment and S & I will take good care of your hockey fix.



One response

31 08 2011

37 days. <333
I promised myself I wouldn't wear any of my hockey gear until the season opener. I already have my favorite J-Staal jersey picked out and laid aside.
Unfortunately, I have a volleyball game that same night. (I'm a stats keeper)
But Lord knows I'll be sitting in that very hot gym reppin' my Pens gear. <3
And then breaking many laws as I speed home to catch the game in time. ;)

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