And the verdict is…

2 09 2011

Well, some of you follow us on Twitter & this morning I posted this:


I’m proud to say that S got her top two choices!!! That’s right folks it’s time to send your congratulations this way because S is heading to 3 months in Chicago & 3 months in Pittsburgh! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for this news. Literally, I jumped up & down on my back porch like a nutcase when she called with the news–seriously, my neighbors think I’m insane…


S will be moving to Pitt during the hockey season (2012-2013)...

In fact, she’ll be moving when all the players are coming back from their grueling summer workouts– and I will be RIGHT behind her. Whether it’s a vacation or a job– I’ll be there :)  So I feel the need to warn the city of Pittsburgh

We, Hockey’s Finest Girls, are HUGE Pens fans…therefore, we are NOT responsible for our actions if we see JStaal, Sid, or Tanger walking down the street. However, if you see us…and we’re about to do something stupid–or make a fool out of ourselves–in front of these gorgeous men…please, feel free to step in & take us away from the situation. Our goal is to NOT scare these boys away… ;)

Even though S isn’t in Chicago for the hockey season, I’m still 1,000% positive that we will find our way into some sort of trouble while in town (because of course I will be visiting her while she’s there too). So the same rules apply. If you see us, please–feel free to stop us.

Or you can say ‘screw it’ and join in on the fun :)

Hockey’s Finest Field Trip, anyone?!

CONGRATS S!!! I LOVE YOU!! BOOKING MY FLIGHTS NOW TO VISIT NOW ;) Chicago & Pittsburgh, here I come! 





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