Countdown: 30 days

6 09 2011

Alright guys. Sorry about the Countdown break. S & I are trying to recharge our “blogging batteries” before the madness of the season begins.

Today we have a tie. S & I just couldn’t decide on one…

There are Tim Thomas AND Henrik Lundqvist days left until the regular season!

There's no way S & I could decide on just one of these guys...

I’m so excited to see Timmy T back between the pipes this season. He only gets better with age.

We like them both too much...

And what can we say about this man?! I think it’s safe to say he only gets better looking with age! We hope you agree…

If you can’t wait that long, just remember that there’s only 2 weeks left until the training camps start! And if that’s STILL too long, I know the Penguins have a Rookie Game this friday night that will obviously be covered by a Pens Report–hopefully. 30 DAYS!



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