“Sid is a Ferrari”

7 09 2011

Well, we may not have got the answers we wanted out of today’s press conference but what we did find out is that:

"Sid if a Ferrari" ...in case you were wondering.

We also found out that Ferrari (my new nickname for him) can shoot daggers from his eyes and still look smokin’ hot.

...stupid people...

I threw balls of paper at my computer screen and vocally shouted when a stupid reporter had the balls to ask if Ferrari was mentally prepared to never play again (if that were to happen). Ferrari had the best 5 words of the conference: “I wouldn’t bet on that.” Which translates to: “You idiot, why would you ask me that?”

Just seeing his face made me feel better. I suddenly don’t care about a “timetable”. All I care about is that he’s back in the ‘Burgh & doing good.

we love you.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure S & I are in agreement when we say we want Ferrari to take his time. Concussions are scary.  We would love nothing more than to see 87 back out on the ice come October 6th…but we want him to be ready. No need to jeopardize his career.

WE LOVE YOU SID! Get better soon <3

Watch the press conference here




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