Countdown: 27 days! (Bromance Edition)

9 09 2011

Well, there are 27 days left on this countdown. That’s like less than a month! *HAPPY DANCE* 

Anyway, I decided I’d hit on a bromance today. Any guesses as to who they are? Don’t go cheating & scroll down now…

You ready?

I’m not sure you are…

Clearly, I need a life because I’m taking this too seriously.

Ok. No more screwin’ around. Countdown time.

Happy Max Talbot & Bruno Gervais days!! Did you guess right?! That’s right, these two “butt buddies” —as S likes to call them— are almost as cute as the Flower & Max bromance.  Keep your skirts on Pens fan. Don’t go blowing up our email on how wrong I am…I said ALMOST as cute. Flower & Max still win in my book. Although, S may say her favorite bromance is Downie & Stammer. Eh, S?! (You got that right sister! It will take a lot to change that -S)

they are bestestestestest friends. kinda like us!

Now, I know I said I was happy about this day on the countdown…but I can’t help but feel a little sad. Max is supposed to be #25 this season. He’s supposed to be wearing the Black & Vegas Gold sweater. He’s supposed to live in the Southside so S & I can go stalk him during her 3 month internship. He’s supposed to be a Penguin.

Instead, he got sucked in by the dark side. We don’t blame him though…the dark side makes some tempting offers. I’m just not sure I’m ready to see this…

We know Maxy Baby, we don't like that orange on you either...

But there is a silver lining to Max’s new move. I get to see him OPENING NIGHT on October 6th in Boston! (Jealous! -S) Still looking for tickets cheaper than $250 a ticket by the way…

Anyway, That’s 27 games before the Pens play Boston! 27…ha…seems to be the trending number in this post…




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