I want to die.

12 09 2011

Of course this would happen to me. I must have the world’s WORST luck.

Back in July when I had my job interview in Toronto, they had said they wanted me in the city for September. Apparently it’s the perfect time for work & play. But I, being all realistic, thought 1 month and a half was a little soon to be moving out of my country. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t even have my paperwork.

Well, now I kind of wish I hadn’t been so realistic. Just pack up & go. Why? Well, my recruiter had said something about how AWESOME the Toronto Film Festival was. I shrugged it off. Now I’m kicking myself. Guess who appeared at the film festival….

...maybe I should rethink my living situations....

I told ya, worst luck. I should really start to listen to people.

On a different note:

Looks like Tanger got himself a hair cut. Sad face. I like it when his hair is long & out of control.

What happened to shy Kris? He has been everywhere this off season and posing for everyone.

pretty boy

Anyway, happy monday morning people. Hopefully this brightens your morning like it brightened mine. :)




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