Countdown: 22 days!

14 09 2011

Everyone has that family member they see only once a year, right?! Well, this past season I found out a little piece of information from an Uncle of mine.

The next guy on this countdown is a family friend. Yeah…I’m pretty speechless still.

There are Brian Boyle days left! jaw pretty much hit the floor when I found out....

I don’t think I could have texted S any faster when I got the news. How could my Uncle hold back that information from me!? AND…why do I only see my Uncle once a year when Boyle visits his house?! Road trip??

Since the day my Uncle told me about Boyle…I’ve wondered what would be crossing the line…

Asking for an autograph?? Asking for tickets?? Knocking on his parents door introducing myself as the girl their boy needs in his life?? Tackling him when I “accidentally” show up at my Uncle’s house while he’s there?? What can/can’t I get away with?

show off...

And, when/if I do ever meet him…

…can he introduce me to Marc Staal?? …Who would then introduce me to Jordan Staal…

Who I would then pack up in a box for S and ship to Florida???

And then once I’m in with JStaal….can he hook me up with Tanger?

Just asking questions here people…



2 responses

14 09 2011

That’s like when I found out that a family friend’s cousin’s family friend is BRENT SEABROOK. I nearly died. :P

14 09 2011

Oh man. That’s amazing!! And yes…I died. And had to restrain myself from asking for a date.

…I’m still trying to restrain myself. Oh and trying to make up excuses to go see my uncle. Haven’t found any good ones yet though…

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