Countdown: 21 days!

15 09 2011

Today S & I had 2 names listed next to the #21. James van Riemsdyk and Brooks Laich. But since she won the Maxime Lapierre argument, I think I can win this one ;) Compromise. That’s what friends do, right!? Or maybe this is me taking advantage of S being very busy with school this week… (love you)

I pick Brooksie. You wanna know why?! …

Be right over.

I mean really…can this guy ever NOT be oozing sexy?! Way back in the day (…last december) S and I had a brilliant conversation that I wish I saved. Something about taking Laich and Green away from Washington and building our own dream team. Complete with Toews, Crosby, Staal, Letang…..and anyone else we could think of. Would be nice, right girls?

Anyway, so the guy works out in his skates…how beastly is that?!

Yes, I perfectly timed this screenshot.

I think I’ll end this post on a good note. Happy 21 days :)



4 responses

15 09 2011

No love for Andrew Ference #21??

15 09 2011

Haha you should see the list of guys we originally had for each day. We had to cut it down to our favorites.

I love me some Ference…but put Laich next to him, and he gets bumped immediately :)


Plus…this is such a Bruins & Penguins heavy blog…we gotta spread the love!

16 09 2011

Oooh….om nom nom! XD
Can’t wait!! <3

16 09 2011

Hey, I feel taken advantage of. JK nice dig, I’ll get you back ; )

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