Countdown: 19 days!

17 09 2011

This guy, right here, needs no introduction. (Isn’t that an introduction in and of itself? HA!-S)

Pretty sure (given the chance) S & I would totally cheat on our “hockey husbands” with Toews. (No doubt! -S) I’m also pretty sure we’d have no problem sharing. I swear before S moves to Chi-town, I will find Toews. Stick a GPS tracker on him somewhere (while trying to get an “autograph” and “picture” with him). Let him go. Then we will BOTH “bump” into him wherever he may be in that city. Maybe he’ll consider it fate and just marry us both. (I always knew you were brilliant…-S) I call Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. S you can have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. Sundays–well…I think we should give him a day of …. rest. (Psh, REST?! I think not. -S)

*evil laugh*

Happy 19 days until the regular season! ;)




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