Countdown: 15 days!

21 09 2011

Oh, Dustin Jeffrey…what can we say about you?!

You captured our hearts the second we saw you on 24/7. We knew you were a perfect fit for the hockey club. We couldn’t help but notice how adorable you were…ok, fine…not adorable. You’re flat out sexy.

And when you scored your first NHL goal…we clapped loudly!  (check out the 1:06 mark)

You quickly became one of our favorite Penguins. While S & I were waiting (impatiently) to see the scores of the Pens v. Bruins game on March 5th while we were in Canada–we couldn’t help but squeal (literally) when we saw you scored the GWG. I’m pretty sure our hotel neighbors thought someone was dying….that’s how loud our squeals were…

But then this happened…and you heard S & I’s hearts snap in half all the way from Florida & Boston (as if Sid & Geno going down weren’t enough…)

Well Dustin, we’re so happy to have you back. We hope your knee feels better. And if not, come see us. We’ll kiss it better.




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