Boys of Winter — Back in Action!

22 09 2011

Sorry guys! We’re a little late to the “Hooray! It’s Hockey Season!” Party, but I’ve always been told it’s better to be fashionably late than the very first. (And we are always fashionable -S)

Things will be crazy around here for a few weeks. I’ve decided to take the plunge & move out of the parents nest even though I’m like a zillion dollars in debt. (Thank you Sallie Mae) But hey, it’s the American way, right? And then poor S…she’s still battling through school. (What?! I can’t hear you under my pile of books. I think my life is buried in here with me…somewhere. -S) So please, bare with us. We haven’t forgotten about you.

Despite our busy schedules, S&I blocked out 3 hours, dusted off our Pens gear & cheered on our favorite boys last night. First off, let me just say: GENO, YOU BEAST!

It’s almost as if he was never injured! Way to go, Geno! You just showed EVERY Pens fan just how much we need you on the ice.

Second: I’ve decided that from now until the very last interview I’m going to keep a running tally of how many times Kris says “Yeah. No. Obviously—-” in any form of an interview. So far, I’m at 2.


Don’t let me down, Tanger. I’m expecting that final number to be pushing 100. (I am worried about what will happen to your brain if you try to count that high…-S) I’m also going to keep track of how many times I hear that dreaded *TING!!* everytime he takes a shot. Damn, post. Get out of the way. Lets go baby boy, score a goal for me. It’s been too long.

And finally, (on a Bruins note) WHY DIDN’T BOSTON BROADCAST THE BRUINS GAME LAST NIGHT?!?!?!?! They lost because I didn’t get the game! Well…maybe not….but I still like to think that’s why they lost. I really wanted to watch that game! A friend from work’s boyfriend’s little brother — yeah…try & say that 5 times fast — is a prospect this year for the Bruins & was playing last night. David Warsofsky. Former BU Defenseman. Give him a shout out, he has a twitter. (@DaveWarsofsky5) Send him good luck tweets :) We all know how hard these boys work to make their dreams come true. GOOD LUCK, DAVE! Sending good vibes your way from the Hockey’s Finest girls!

Tonight is another Pens night for S & I. We blocked off another 3 hours in our busy schedule to watch our boys take on the Blackhawks. S feels torn. She needs the BHawks to do well this season in order to catch some playoff hockey during her 3 month internship this spring. I, personally, think she’s going to have a tough time rooting for the BHawks when this face is all over her TV screen…(AKSJHFKHDS. Why hello there, Handsome. How you doin? -S)

Good luck, JStaaaaaaaaaaaaal <3





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