Away from the computer for ONE day …and I miss everything.

25 09 2011

Sid. Flower. Geno. JStaal. Tanger.

WHERE THE HELL WAS I!?!?! Oh right….packing up my life into a zillion boxes. Hey S, we really dropped the ball with our life planning…. (aka — we should have been there…) I drooled through most of the video and giggled uncontrollably through the rest. These boys. I cant even…

Anyway, lets recap.

Poor Flower. He actually thought that fans wanted to run him over with their cars after last season’s start! Absolutely not. Pens fans had faith in you the whole time, Flower.

We love you.

Sidney made the mistake of picking on my man. Yup, he says Tanger’s workout videos are “fake”. HA!

Crosby. You silly boy.

But don’t worry girls, Kris was quick to reply. “You wish you could work out like that…” <3 LOVE THIS BOY <3 Something has changed in him this off season. He’s not so shy anymore….anyone else see it too?

Before the playful banter escalates to something not-so-appropriate…Sid reminds Tanger that “we can’t do this here.”

Now let’s get to S’ boy. JSTAAAAAAAL..

In the video, they never really showed the question that Jordy answered–but something tells me it was something like “where would you be if you were not a hockey player”

My instant reaction was: He would be S’ husband. S would be the perfect wife taking care of her farmer boy. They would be living in Thunder Bay on the Sod Farm conceiving tons of little blonde (curly-haired) Gronk’s. AKA– building their own hockey team.

Well, I wasn’t so far off from his answer. Ok, fine…maybe I was way off…but at least being a Sod Farmer was mentioned.

Girl can dream, eh S?!

Anyway, I’m sure my little recap doesn’t even compare to watching the whole thing. Here you go guys, CLICK HERE TO WATCH!




One response

27 11 2011

Where did you get the mini clip of the booty booty booty part you kniw him topless and stuff would love to know : )

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