Hello, Mr. Muscles! Nice to meet you!

26 09 2011

I have no idea when this was taken and/or where…but it sure did make my monday much brighter. Seriously, I’m swooning. Were those biceps hiding? Or did I just not notice them until now?

why hello there, muscles.

Hey S, could you be a dear & drive down to Tampa…box him up & send him to me to help me pack? I could sure use those muscles to help move my furniture into my apartment. Of course, I’d be sitting & watching…dabbing his forehead with a cool wet cloth when he needs it. I’ll send him back safely before the regular season starts, I promise. I just need someone to…uhhh—snuggle —with at night while I adjust in the new place. You don’t think he’d mind, do you? ;)



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26 09 2011


26 09 2011

Funny. I said the same thing….and then checked to see the cost of a flight to Tampa.

28 09 2011

[Even though I’m still mad at Tampa for beating us out of playoffs last year…]
That right there is fuggin’ impressive.
I had a friend of mine crash into a hay bail with their car once.
It didn’t move an inch.
Stammer…even I give yeh props here. ;)

Love these posts, ladies! Keep ’em up!

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