HELL YEAH! Hockey is back in Winnipeg!

9 10 2011

Am I the only one who is SUPER excited that hockey is back in Winnipeg? I mean, seriously…listen to this crowd! If that isn’t a hyped crowd, I dont know what is.

Go Jets Go!

I’m a little late. The puck dropped at 5pm & right now the Jets are down by 4 with 6:21 left in the 3rd…but I figured I’d wait until all the awesome coverage was released to share it with all of you. I’m secretly hoping that this boosts their spirits & gives them some good luck.

They did a heartbreaking tribute for Rick Rypien. Seriously, don’t watch the video unless you have a box of tissues sitting next to you and you’re in the mood to weep like a baby because I’m still wiping my eyes and sniffling. RIP Rick. [click here]

Poor Mommy Rypien... </3 still breaks my heart

If you decided to be brave and watch the tribute, maybe singing along to Oh Canada will cheer you up. [click here]

Ooohhhh Caaaannnaaadddaaaaa

This next video gave me chills. The Winnipeg Video department gets a round of high-fives from me. But I guess if you weren’t obsessed with fighter jets — like S & I are — then it won’t really mean much to you. [click here]

Fighter Jets + L = drool fest

Anyway, congrats to the Winnipeg Jets on their season opener. I can’t wait to cheer you on & possibly get some Jets gear…just because.



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