Our boys are back.

12 10 2011

Thank God S is my partner in crime.

While I was way too busy gluing my eyes to the TV & finishing my bottle of wine, S was hard at work trying to find the Pens opening ceremony that Versus DIDN’T show. (Pssst…screw you Versus.)

Anyway, after finally seeing what we missed…all we have to say is:

Our Boys are Back. [click here] for the cutest Penguins Montage EVER. I dare you NOT to say ‘awww’ at least once.


We miss Pittsburgh. [click here] for the player introductions. (not sure if it’s just my computer or not—but the sound cuts out for me about half way through…)

<3 our boys <3

I’m almost 100% positive I will fall asleep in my Letang jersey tonight. I’m also 150% positive I will wake up tomorrow with a huge smile on my face and a bangin’ headache from all this wine. (Great idea, S! I’ll thank you tomorrow while I’m face down in my cubicle at work.)


Dear Pittsburgh, 

Although we can not come visit you this season (thanks to my rent & S’ school schedule) …we VOW to come see you September 2012. Possibly for the Season Home Opener (eh, S?!) … This gives me 1 year to find a way to make my old college ID look VALID so I can get a Student Discount. [insert evil laugh here] … And it gives S 1 year to find the time to clear a night in her busy schedule. Personally, I have faith that we’ll pull through.

Until then, We’ll be watching our husbands religiously from Boston & Gainesville.

Much love ‘Burgh,


L & S





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