13 10 2011

I repeat, Sidney Crosby has been cleared for contact!

It has been CONFIRMED with the team. (Seriously, I just had a legit DANCE PARTY in my cubicle. It just so happened that Black & Yellow was playing when I read the news. -L)

Got the word via Twitter

CROSBY!!!!!!! OMG!!!!

This is a big step in his recovery. By no means does this mean he is game ready, but it is another step closer!

Oh captain, my captain...

We wish the captain well as he continues his road to recovery. L and I couldn’t be more happy for this news! (Still dancing in my cubicle. STILL! Like BOUNCING UP AND DOWN! I’m just waiting for someone to ask me why so I can scream “SIDNEY CROSBY WAS CLEARED FOR CONTACT!!!!! -L)

(This is how I feel… -L)

Dance Party in my cubicle. Who's joining me?!





One response

14 10 2011

I was capital T Thriiiilllleeed when I got the PensUpdate on my phone. <3
Like, sprint across a gym and hug everyone I see kind of thrilled.
But here's what I think – while I'm as happy as the next person to consistently be update on Sid's progress, just think about how epic it would be if one night for a game, he just skates onto the ice for warm-ups.
Movie-makin' moment right there, just saying ;)

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