Game Day: College Edition

15 10 2011

I have been waiting for today for about 3 months now. BU v DU game — as a date night with daddy. I’m 4 rows behind the BU bench and yes, I’m bringing a camera with a zoom lens. No way am I missing the chance to get close ups of these fine DU college boys for you all…

You can thank me later.

In Hockeys Finest terms, that means I get to stare at this…

A future Pen <3 Beau Bennett @BeauBennett78


Jason Zucker <3 A Wild prospect... @jasonzucker17

Heh…”a wild prospect” — that made me giggle.

ANNNNND…I will be going all Mission Impossible on this guy trying to pack him in a box for S…

Younger version of JStaal? You're welcome, S!

PS– I know my friend better than she knows herself. I spotted him and instantly said “OMG! S would DIE.” So like a good friend, I emailed her a close up, and I was right. S is also super easy to make a deal with. I said “I will give you Dan if I can have Beau & Jason.” Her response: “Done.” ….well then. That was easy.

Anyway, my dad is already embarrassed. First, he can’t believe I’m cheering on a college that is NOT his alma mater. Second, he can’t believe I’m repping BU swag while secretly cheering on DU. But I can’t help it. I’m L. It’s what I do. I cheer on the enemy.

So, tonight I’m DVRing the NHL games I’m missing & having a daddy/daughter date night. Hey dad, I better be getting good food out of this date night. Apartment living is rough…just saying.




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