Hockey Fights Cancer

30 10 2011

This is a topic that always hits home for both S & I–so when I saw this, I couldn’t help but ‘aww’ and let a few tears slip out.

13 year old Lawson Frank is battling a rare cancer & was asked to be apart of the ceremonial ‘Hockey Fights Cancer’ puck drop on Saturday night. Chicago Blackhawks v. Columbus Blue Jackets. I just want to run up and kiss every Blackhawk I see for taking the time to do this. They probably have no idea how much this meant to this little boy. It’ll most definitely be something he will remember for the rest of his life.

If my heart swells any more-- it'll explode.

This video just kills me. Click here to watch.

Take a guess as to who's stick he's holding...

Hint: Jonathan Toews is his role model…



6 responses

30 10 2011

And THAT is why hockey players are the best. So genuine.

Oh and Rick Nash…hmmmmmm…

31 10 2011

Yes, Nashy looks absolutely delicious…and extremely tall…

31 10 2011

Jonathan Toews is my role model, BTW.

31 10 2011

Thanks for sharing that great clip. I got choked up watching that kid. Hope his trip the UC and meeting the players gives him continued strength in his fight against cancer.

Yet again, another great post on WUYS! You guys are da’ best!

31 10 2011

*ahem* you mean “another great post by Hockey’s Finest”

Love the WUYS girls, but this is our blog ;)

31 10 2011

PS — if Toews ever Looked in my direction — i’d probably die. This kid’s life was just made by his role model… I’m so proud.

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