Here comes trouble.

2 11 2011

To the players of the Tampa Bay Lightning & Philadelphia Flyers…

If you see two girls running towards you before and/or after your game on December 27th screaming

don't be alarmed...

It’s just S & I. (And really, we are quite friendly -S) It’s our first hockey game together since last March…things could get a little wild.

Especially when S sees…

Steve Downie...

I swear…the love child these two would make would have the MOST AMAZING hair EVER!!!! (Think of all the CURLS. EEEPP! -S) It would top any hockey flow out there right now, I’ll tell you that much. I’ll be picking S’ jaw up off the ground all night. (Or peeling me off the glass…-S)

And poor Max…when I see him…S will have to nail me to my seat. I may scale the glass. That boy is lookin’ fiiiiiiiiiiiiine this season…even in that god awful orange.

*squeals* I see tattoos. TATTOOS!!!!!!

Sorry S, I may need to rock a Talbot shirt that night…. *MAY* being the key word…I dont think I can get myself into a Flyers shirt without vomiting all over it. (That would be difficult. I love orange and I LOVE Maxime, but even I don’t think it is worth it -S)

So boys. Don’t run away from us. (We WILL catch you -S) I promise…we’re a good time. Especially after a few drinks…which we will most DEFINITELY have.




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