4 12 2011


Tomorrow my Bruins play my Penguins @ Pittsburgh.

hide me.

I’m not sure I can stand to watch.

I can’t NOT cheer on my Penguins….but I also can’t NOT cheer on my Bruins, in fear that I’ll be ejected from my city. So….what’s a girl to do? Especially when the standings look like this. (PITTSBURGH, PITTSBURGH! Come on chica, it’s not even a question. -S)

Maybe I’ll just have S update me now and then?? Maybe I will just wake up Tuesday morning and check to see the score??

…Maybe I’ll give in and watch it??

I’m praying for a quick, down & dirty, painless game. No Overtime. No Shoot Outs. No Fights. No injuries. Just plain old hockey.

Think you can manage that boys?! For me??

If not…S may need to talk me off the ledge of my apartment building.

God. Bless. Me.



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