All Access Pass

9 12 2011

Welp, sounds like the Pittsburgh Penguins recieved all of our letters. While  you all were enjoying your summer vacation on lakes, at the beach, on vacations– S & I had crayons and markers scattered across our floors writing colorful notes to Pittsburgh asking for another “all access pass” but this time into the 2011-2012 season. Kinda like HBO–minus the other team. Literally 24/7 Penguins. We made sure to seal every note with a kiss–nice bright red lipstick–before sticking it in the mail for good luck.


Ok. So not really.

But we couldn’t be happier about what we just found out. It’s been busy around the Hockey’s Finest offices. S is pretty much on a plane 24/7….and I am preparing for the holidays. Big family = lots of parties. Phew. So excuse us for being a little late to announce this news.

Prepare yourself, Pens fans.

can we be in the room ?

Anyway, the Pittsburgh Penguins have released Episode 1 of 10 today. It’s basically an All Access Pass (just what S & I asked for) into this season. From Training Camp, games, practices, appearances, all the way to “personal experiences” of Pens players. Sound good? We like. [CLICK HERE] to watch.

Let me tell you. The first episode…is a winner.

Movember? WINNER!




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