15 Minutes of Fame.

18 12 2011

We had yet another epiphany. Since it’s the Flyers that are in town for the Tampa game S & I will be at (the 27th– WOOHOO!)…we bet that HBO will be in town as well. And ever since we saw this:

We’ve decided  we don’t hate the Flyers as much as we thought we do. So in light of all that…we also decided we want to get our 15 Minutes of HBO Fame. Since we are in 3rd row by the goalie, we decided to dress up as Flyers fans for a night. Yes, we know it’s wrong…but won’t we be laughing when we make a cameo on television.

We haven’t quite decided how we will catch the cameras attention but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. My ideas: flash Max, streak the ice, or make a sign–so vulgar that the cameras will catch it…

Either way–since we’re meeting up with Lightning fans BEFORE the game, we’ve decided to hide our Flyer gear in our purses & change in our seats. You may call this a dumb idea — but we think it will be brilliant.

see you in 9 days <3 <3

Until then, I’m signing off for the week. Time to pack, get my nails done, get my hair done….oh– and celebrate Christmas. Next time you hear from us, S & I will be sitting next to each other. GASP!

Happy Holidays All!





3 responses

19 12 2011

Approved. But warning: Gator and I tried this once. Lightning gear in the pre-game bar, Caps gear over it. Then it was about 2 billion degrees walking to the rink and in the metro after, but we couldn’t take off our sweatshirts. So we recommend a phone booth quick-change rehearsal just in case. HAVE FUN! See you on TV!

19 12 2011

You need some sort of vulgar “Max Talbot Welcome Committee” sign. And I’m glued to the TV for 24/7. I kind of hate that 24/7 makes me un-hate teams that I previously hated. Except that I don’t hate it. I love it.

19 12 2011

I do plan on making a vulgar sign to Max. Something like “Quick! How ’bout a puck?!” ahahahaha but I like the welcoming committee idea…I think he’d actually buy it…

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