We Survived.

28 12 2011

We’ll start with this.

Oh! Hi, HBO!

Yup. That happened. Our episode will be on January 4th–make sure to watch & if you see us…let us know.

We sat right behind the media, right next the to zamboni entrance and right under the Tesla coils. Pretty cool so far right? Well…it gets better. Lets rewind to BEFORE the game, shall we? Thanks to Daddy, S & I had an EPIC hotel room. 24th Floor. Balcony. On the water. Yep–we arrived. So we popped out onto our balcony and saw this…

Philly team bus leaving Westin & going to arena

Why we just sat there staring instead of making a beeline for the bus, I dont know…but at least we got a picture. So then we get to the arena and meet someone AWESOME.

Shout out to Gary Reilly — Pentaly Time Keeper.

Say hi to Gary!

Anyway, Gary has the worlds COOLEST part-time job and we made sure to let him know over & over again how jealous we were. Who knew you could be the Vice President of a Medical Group & then be an NHL Off Ice Official?? Can you say EPIC!? Gary was super nice to us and ended up coming over to us after the warm ups to give us this:

yep-- we make friends easy.

This document was easily 20 pages of nothing but stats. How lucky were we? Meet an NHL Official –> get game notes. We thought the night couldn’t get any better….until….we met these boys…

Meet CJ (left) & Mystery Boy (right)

For 2 guys that were “on the job” they were very–uhh– flirty? But…we enjoyed their company during the game. We even struck a deal with CJ (left). He said that if we gave him our game notes that Gary gave us– he would get us 2 pucks. We were sold instantly. I’d take a puck slapped around by Stammer over a pile of papers anyday. We couldn’t wait for our pucks. But then this happened:

CJ's boss gave us the puck right off the ice after the 2nd period.

Look at it! Still wet from the ice. I’ve never seen something so beautiful. And then, after the game, just like CJ promised we got our 2 other pucks in exchange for game notes. Since we got this matching pair, we handed off the 2nd period puck to a dad with two young sons. They could take better care of it than S & I sharing custody.

2 pucks from warmups.

After the exchange (sounds like a drug deal) … CJ told us to meet him across the street to the Luxury Box where we drank (a lot) and talked about how to properly dispose of bloody ice which we got to experience first hand last night. We also talked about how much trouble CJ got in for giving us the pucks in exchange for notes. Apparently, Ice Crew isn’t allowed to give out pucks. A small — ok, fine… BIG part of me wants to go to Thursday nights game…………and Saturday’s game……hell, every game for the rest of the season. Those. Boys. Dear. God.

Even though the Flyers lost (5-1 OUCH!), I’m pretty sure this was the best game I’ve ever been to. Even better than, dare I say it, the Pens game last year. GASP! If I keep talking about it I may break the world record for longest blog post ever. So I will stop.

Time for S & I to get ready to have a chill afternoon while watching the USA v Finland game. We love you all for being patient with us and waiting for this post. We were hungover, hungry, and exhausted. Worlds worst combination. Thanks a lot boys. Sheesh!!




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