Baby come back.

2 01 2012

Seriously, I can’t take it anymore. Not only did I have to leave the Sunshine State (and S) to come back to this frozen wasteland…but there is still NOTHING new on the Pens injury situation. I know I’m a little late in posting this…but now that I finally am back to having NO life besides hockey & work I figured I could vent.

No Crosby. No Letang.

A team without Crosby or Letang is like forever without Sun. It just isn’t right. Sometimes I’m  not even excited to watch a game anymore. GASP! A serious depression is beginning to set in and there’s only 1 cure.

This face.

sexi boi

And this face.

those damn squats--gets me everytime.

And these faces better show up soon. Preferably BEFORE the All Star Weekend–which is only 26 days away. L does not like. I will pack my bags….AGAIN (and S knows how much I hate packing) to go nurse these boys back to health myself. Chicken Soup cures all…right?

*cries in a corner*







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