Stammer Time: Remix

5 01 2012

As most of you know, we made our way to 2 Lightning games last week. Now, don’t take what I’m about to say as a complaint because I could NEVER get sick of Stammer Time–but after scoring so many goals (5 total. 2 @ the Flyer/Bolts. 3 @ the Canes/Bolts) Can’t Touch This gets kind of annoying. So we’re proposing a *NEW* song for Stammer to celebrate to.

Go ahead. Change the lyrics around a bit. We did.

Stop! Now make that motherf*cker Stammer Time..

We apologize if we ruined this song for you– because now all we can think of when we hear it is…well… Stammer. Which is fine by me. I can see it in my  head now. I think it fits, dont you? Now go ahead. Listen to the song while watching these highlights from the Hatty we witnessed. We’re geniuses, I tell ya. I’m thinkin’ we could take over the audio department — for a night. And when we say “for a night”, it’s because we’re positive we’ll get fired after the 1st period.

Steven Stamkos. If I wasn’t a huge fan before last week, I am now. Congrats on your Hatty!

Drop that a$$, make it boomerang.



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