Where was Calgary?

6 01 2012

Apparently, Calgary didn’t show up to last night’s game. I know! How rude, right?! Instead, they let the Bruins get in a little extra practice at throwing pucks to the net in preparation for Saturday night’s showdown against the ‘Nucks. (Viewing party at my house)

9 to ZERO! Really?!

When S & I were involved in the Pop Warner program cheering on our boys from the sidelines, I used to think the “mercy rule” was just plain stupid. Apparently, embarrassing the other team by flat out steam rolling their a$$e$ was frowned upon– but we certainly liked it at the time. Now, almost 12 years later, I’m thinking the NHL should put some sort of Mercy Rule into effect because last night was just plain embarrassing.

*slaps knee laughing* Oh, NHL! You're such a kidder...

Calgary can’t possibly be that bad, can they? I mean really. 9-0?

Sorry Calgary fans, I really am. That was just not fun to watch…

…Oh who am I kidding. It kind of was.

Lets end on a little joke, shall we? From my personal twitter account, I follow Lucic’s GF. (By the way, total sweetheart– I love her) Last night she had me rolling.

another knee slapper.

So what was once going to be a boring old Friday has now turned into a happy day around the office. No more holiday hangover. People are smiling, laughing, and skipping around. Occasionally, you hear “9-0…REALLY?!”. Even my boss is into it! GASP!¬†

So everyone, Happy Friday.

Oh! I almost forgot. S & I have special message for HBO:






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