My foot is broken.

10 01 2012

JK. LOL! No it’s not.

Oh James, you kidder, you. (We’re not amused, by the way)

Damn these Penguins and the emotional rollercoasters they put us through.

Remember this?

When all Pens fans needed to be talked down from a ledge.

No Sid. No Staal. No Neal. No Adams. No Tanger — and the list goes on. What were the Penguins going to do now? They already dropped to 18th in the League and are on a 4 game LOSING streak! Not to sound like a spoiled fan…but I am just not used to this.

S & I were all “Kill me. Now.” No amount of wine or Ben & Jerry’s could fix this.


This happened.

What. A. Beast.


My heart burst into a zillion pieces. Count ’em. A. ZILLION. A first I was like, “OH MY GOD, HE’S GONNA PLAY WITH A BROKEN FOOT!” but then I read on. He has a preexisting condition — which threw the xrays off. The foot is not broken. HOORAY!

Such a BAMF.

There is nothing more attractive to a girl than a tough guy who works through the pain.

So. Our suicidal thoughts subsided, the clouds parted, and the sun peaked through. JAMES NEAL, YOU BEAST!

Now, lets make one thing clear. I will personally hunt down any man who injures any more of my Penguins. Seriously. We can’t handle it anymore. Let’s hope that Nealer playing tonight is a sign that things are going to change.




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