2012: A New Year & *NEW* People!

12 01 2012

Thanks to all you AWESOME readers out there, S & I just cannot keep up with this thing anymore. We felt as if we weren’t doing it justice (Especially me! Sorry I have gone MIA -S). Posting once a week is just not giving you guys what you deserve. This blog is our “baby” and we want it to grow and grow until we’ve taken the hockey world by storm…

No really. Thank you!

…ok well, maybe not the whole hockey world…but you get it.

So…we went out to Hockey Bloggers-R-Us, picked out a couple of those “to grow–just add water” packages and began a little biology project in our Hockey’s Finest lab (I tried to clone us first, and now there is a little evil—erm, more evil–clone of L running around Florida…OOPSIES. – S).

KIDDING….again. Really, we stumbled upon one of them…and then the other just kinda offered. *shrug* So we took them in with open arms of course!

First, we have ‘D’. She’s another Masshole who knows her hockey. Then we have  ‘M’. Our spitfire from Chi-town.

We ask that you treat these girls with the same amount of respect that you give S & I. We know you’ll love them just as much as we already do– but if you don’t…keep it to yourself. We don’t want to hear it. ;)

So. Welcome to the team girls. Make us proud!


L & S




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