Tonight at THE GARDEN: Bruins vs. Canadiens…

12 01 2012

BUT FIRST…  with any conference rivalry comes the “away section” at the game. That group of people who show up and sit amongst the home team fans in their away team jerseys. And before the game comes the need to tour the city.

If you work in the city (and this applies to any city) like I do then my next statement is going to resonate with you: Nothing is worse than a tourist when you are trying to get something accomplished. Even something simple like walking down the sidewalk. To all you non- Bostonians out there let me give you some advice for when you visit our fabulous town: We move a little bit faster here and there is no time to take photos or use a map, and we don’t want to take a photo for you or help you read your map. In my short lifetime (I might be the oldest of HockeysFinest but I am not that old) I have traveled to my fair share of cities. I will admit Boston is not among the friendliest.

Today marks one of these instances where tourists take over. For many reasons, the Habs coming to town is brutal. It isn’t just a point of contention in my relationship (leaving one of us with bragging rights until the next match-up), or a rivalry that dates back to the inception of the league, but a day when the French invade our city streets. Surely you have seen the bus-loads of Frenchman emptying out in front of the Garden. Try getting stuck on the sidewalk behind those photo-snapping, French speaking Habs fans. But I digress.

The bigger issue here is not the bus-loads of fans coming for the game- I will throw you a bone, Habs fans. Your dedication is pretty remarkable but as someone who survived a long-distance Boston/Montreal relationship the drive really is no big deal- 5 hours- door to door- so if you are looking for a gold badge of dedication or some sympathy- fugetaboutit.

Let me summarize this post with the most important, unbiased, facts you need to know going in to tonight’s game:

Drum roll please…

Bruins conference record so far: 8-2-0 (First place in the N.East Division)

Canadiens conference record so far: 3-7-0 (Last place in the N.East Division)


In case you cannot read I think this photo does a nice job explaining:










Kidding obviously, but this photo gets me every time.  If you know anything about me at all you know I do not hate Canadians… or the fans of their team. How can I? Our beloved sport was born on their frozen ponds.

May the best team win… and incase the game isn’t favorable for Boston points-wise, you know the bruins won’t go down without a fight.  And who doesn’t like a good hockey fight, eh?  Especially a fight involving the goalies. EPIC.




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12 01 2012

I would like to take a minute to respond to your comment about Boston being “not among the friendliest” cities.

As a native Bostonian, I will agree that there is some truth to this, but as a fan of the “Treat others as you’d like to be treated” mantra, I, and many of my city dwelling friends, go out of our way to treat tourists with kindness. They are coming to our lovely city to enjoy the sights, sounds, and the food (and contributing to our economy) and if I see them looking lost or trying to stop and take a family photo, I will always stop to help. I want them to have a great time and go home and tell their family what a great city Boston is. I know that when I travel and someone from another city is friendly, or offers to take my photo, it makes my trip all that much better. I think that more people in this city need to take a moment and be a little kinder to each other and to those that come here to visit.

Okay…rant over. :)

Goalie fights might be the single most greatest thing in hockey. So awkward with all those pads. LOVE EM!

12 01 2012

Chuck! Did not mean to offend you and this wasn’t meant to be rude… I mean, there has never been a time when you were like COME ON!!!! Let’s agree to disagree and move on. I’m actually not a jerk and sometimes you have to solicit the help of someone else to take a photo… but not woman running down the street in a business suit and heels… she is probably late as it is :)

I wouldn’t be disappointed if we saw a little goalie brawl tonight, such an under appreciated little gem of entertainment.

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