What the crap?!

12 01 2012

So the “office party” that S & I were going to throw for our new writers has been put on hold. Why you ask? Well…to put it simply…ALIENS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE NHL!!

I mean, what other explanation is there for this CRAP of an ASG roster?!

Dustin Byfuglien? REALLY?! ::Pull yourself together, L.  Pull it together.::

::deep breath:: I understand why Sid didn’t make the cut. The guy has barely played any games this season. But what about my other boys. ::pouts::

Have we forgot about this face?!

Future Norris Winner. I swear.

Tanger went down this season with a broken nose & concussion BUT he’s on the mend. And before all that, he’s was at the top of all defensemen. So, fine. My man isn’t an All Star this year. I’ll let it slide. Ok, maybe I wont. But onto my next complaint.

But THIS. This I will NOT let slide.


ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS. It’s a joke, right? You guys are all in on this prank? I just know it. Because there is NO WAY you can’t call this man an All Star. I am not going to waste precious blog space rambling on about his stats from this season. If you feel like battling my argument…look yourself. He’s an All Star.

You hear me, James??! You are an All Star. We love you no matter what those poo-poo heads say!

Don’t even get me started on JStaal…or EStaal…or Skinner…or Mikey. ::Simmer down now, L. Simmer down.::

How is it that Geno is the only Penguin?!

well said.

Anyway, I guess I should give a shout out and a congrats to my boys who DID make the cut. Toews, Kane, Lundqvist, Baby Segs, Chara, Timmy T, Lupul, Giroux, Stammer-Time….and hell…I’ll even congratulate Ovie.

I’ll be tuning into the All Star weekend from Boston DECKED out in my Pens gear because they are All Stars to US!

Excuse me, I am going to go cry in a corner with S now.



2 responses

15 01 2012

This is unacceptable. James Neal has been at the top of the scoring list this ENTIRE season. Now, I love me some Geno, don’t get me wrong but having Neal as his linemate accounts for a good percentage of his goals too. If anyone deserved to be an all star, it was James freAking Neal.
I won’t go into my future husband, Jordan Staal.
At the end of the day though, I blame myself. I obviously didn’t vote enough on the website…

15 01 2012

I’m still not over it. Nealer needs to be there

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