Max Talbot: Prayer Circle Edition

13 01 2012

He says he’s fine. But look at this video. This is NOT the Maxime I know & love. This man is tough as nail — but he looks dazed, no?

Last night, Superstar got absolutely rocked by the Islanders Steve Staios. To the point where he couldn’t get up. Since when does Max NOT jump back to his feet after a hit? If you watch the footage (crappy footage — thanks youtube) it looks like it was a head shot. And from what Max said above– it sounds like it was a head shot. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck–it’s a duck.

If I hear that Max is out because of concussion symptoms…the girls here should probably call the police/fire department/etc — I’m probably on a ledge somewhere. Seriously. STOP TOUCHING MY MEN. Don’t even look at them. If they skate toward you on the ice…just turn away. Between Letang being out (still — for what? 18 or more games?), Sid being out (for like–ever), Staalsy’s knee, and Nealer’s “bruised” foot…I CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE. Don’t even get me going on the rest of my boys around the league who are injured. Seriously, you should see my fantasy team right now. It’s strugglin’. I’m going to buy a lifetime supply of bubble wrap and wrap their heads in it– leaving holes for breathing…and eye sight of course.

I may drive myself to the nearest Halloween store and invest in a nurse costume. Obviously, these men need someone who is going to quickly nurse them back to help. Who’s with me?





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