An Ode to Patrick Kane

22 01 2012

Last night was a big game for Patrick Kane (aka Lil’ Peek-a-boo).

Hhhhnngggghhhhhhh (that's me drooling over Mr. Goldilocks)


*cue Chelsea Dagger*

Ignore the NHL’s misspelling of Kaner’s first name, and check out this beauty from last night against the Florida Panthers.

He needed that boost for sure.  And look how happy everyone is for him?!  I love team-wide hockey bromances :)

Plus, can we talk about how even though the weather was AWFUL in Chicago last night, and the fan’s still filled about 80-90% of the United Center?  Talk about dedication.  Kaner,  the #1 Star of the Game, acknowledged the fans for coming out despite the weather.  Yet another thing I love about him.  He always recognizes the fans and gives them a moment of his time whenever he can.  Though I couldn’t find the video form last night, checkout this sweet shout-out to the fans after the Blackhawks took a 3-0 series lead against the San Jose Sharks in 2010 on their way to winning the Stanley Cup:

PRECIOUS.  Anyway, I feel like lately people have been hating on Lil’ Peek-a-boo because he hasn’t been playing well (cough MIKE MILBURY cough), and I still/will always love him as a player and a person.

One last thing, then I’ll shut up.  At the end of every warmup, he’s usually the last one on the ice.  He’ll gather up a few pucks, and hand them out to some younger kids on his way into the dressing room.  Melts my heart.





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