2 02 2012

S likes to give me heart attacks every once and a while…just for kicks.

She snuck this goodie in the bottom of an email — which was completely unrelated to hockey. You know when your heart does one of those “I think I’m going to stop beating” things? Yeah– prepare yourselves.

I know, I know…most of our loyal readers are NOT Canucks fans. But come on, ladies. You can’t deny that this is indeed beautiful. And THIS (unlike Keslers’ nude shoot from ESPNMag) is NOT photoshopped.


Enter Chris Higgins. Not going to lie– I had no idea who this beauty is. But I do now. Left winger for the ‘nucks. A 6’0”, 205lb, 28 year old absolute gem. AND the cherry on top: he’s an East Coaster (New York).

Kesler who? …I’m all over Higgins now. That’s right. This is me calling *DIBS* — to all you ladies in the Hockey’s Finest office. (Except you, D.)

So, go ahead. Do what I know you all want to do. Blow it up to poster size, print it out, and tack it to your ceiling like you’re 12 again. Enjoy!




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