An Open Letter to Tyler Seguin

7 02 2012

Dear Tyler,

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I was watching the Superbowl this weekend (having a nervous breakdown) and I noticed (when I say “noticed” I really mean it showed up on my Twitterfeed) that you were hanging out with my favorite WAG and her boyfriend. Seriously, the sweetest girl ever.

Screw the boyfriend. I want those shoes.

And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pay extra attention to the conversation the two of you were having.

apparently, bets were made.

Wait. WHHHHAT?! he said single.

In my best efforts to end your “3rd wheeling” with Brittany and Milan, I propose a date. It could even be a double date if that’s less awkward. I have met Britt and Looch before — I’m not a complete stranger. Here’s proof.

Wine + Hockey Players = A fuzzy night....

I mean, you’re single. I’m single. You’re 20 now…which doesn’t sound as bad as 19 did. So I figure, why not? Valentines Day is coming up and I’d love a date.

you're lookin' mighty fine in that blue.

We don’t even have to call it a “date”, it could be “dinner”. I’ll even buy you a bottle of your favorite liquor…which looks to be like Grey Goose from this past summer’s celebrations. Oh wait…you can’t drink yet. Scratch that.

Anyway, just think about it. I’m really a nice girl– who’s got ZERO plans for Valentines Day. (hint. hint.)






4 responses

7 02 2012

I’m still stuck on how she’s wearing heels that high on ice! That’d be a bloody massacre if that were me, and this is coming from the girl who’s in heels a good majority of the time.

8 02 2012

Yet another reason why she’s my favorite WAG. Total champ in heels.

11 02 2012

Dear L,
If you make another move on my man, we’re going to have some serious issues. That #singlemanswag was my hint to make my move. We’ve talked about this before.. tyler = mine, everyone else = yours. Please don’t let this come between us. xoxox

11 02 2012

Game. On.
(I live closer) … ;) don’t think because you’re my cousin that I will treat you special.

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