Scavenger Hunt: Chicago Edition

13 02 2012

Life has been so crazy lately that I completely forgot to post this! Apologies!

So, as you all know (or should know by now) S will be making her way to Chicago for an internship in May! YAY S! I’ve already booked my plane tickets for my visit & couldn’t be more excited. Can you imagine the trouble S & I could get into in Chicago!?

And by trouble–I mean something like this:

A Scavenger Hunt. 

Since S works Monday- Friday 8-4:30…that leaves me with 3 days without her. Which gives me more time to prepare for our Scavenger Hunt first thing Saturday morning. What kind of Scavenger Hunt, you ask? Well…I found a picture on Tumblr. How reliable it is, I don’t really know. But for the sake of this post– let pretend it’s real.

Captain Serious' pad.

The view in this picture gives us kind of a good idea of where he lives, right? I mean…how hard can it possibly be?

We’ll be sure to update you on our mission. And if we find it, I’m going to play ding-dong ditch to every apartment I find in that building until he opens the door. [insert giggle here] Then I’ll tickle him–sans shirt–until he tells me where Kaner lives.

What better way to explore a new city than through a fun little scavenger hunt. Right?!

Game on, Toews.




9 responses

14 02 2012

Oh L, I’m pretty sure I know exactly where that is :) CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

14 02 2012

Oh perfect! You’ll take us there, then?!

14 02 2012

All I need is my fanny pack and binoculars.

14 02 2012

Done. Let’s make this happen.
While we’re at it–let’s find the whole damn team!

14 02 2012
Lina @Sandell86

I know this will make me sound a bit stalker-ish, but it was pure coincidence that I stumbled across it, I swear
but his address was actually published in an article when he bought the place, some sort of buyer-seller thing… I’m just saying =P

15 02 2012

Not stalker-ish at all! It’s not your fault they published it ;)

17 02 2012

The picture is completely legit, it was originally in the ChiTrib, and JT’s actual address isn’t that hard to find as it was published in an article on the realtor’s site. However, his building has 24 hour security, so you won’t be able to get in. Also, it’s well known that Kaner lives in Trump Tower.

17 02 2012

24 hour security ?? Challenge accepted.

Ya hear that S?! We’re going stealth.

31 03 2012

Just spent 4 days in ChiTown and may or may not have spent the entire time secretly trying to hunt this place down.

Sadly, the closest I got to seeing anything majorly Blackhawks related was a signed Kaner jersey in a sports bar. =/ Next time!

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