Ohhhhhh $#!+

14 02 2012

That’s all that’s running through my head these days.  Ladies, ASSEMBLE!  Our boys are in trouble!  And by our boys, you know I mean the Blackhawks.  Do you want Captain Sexpanther to keep this look on his face for all eternity?

It's like someone just stole his lunch money

They’ve dropped 8 in a row.  EIGHT.  They’ve dropped to sixth overall in the Western Conference, and people are starting to talk about Coach Quenneville losing his job.  Never fear, boys and girls, Coach Q is here to stay.  How do I know this?  Well, first of all I’m a certifiable genius.  And second, Stan Bowman himself said that Q is going nowhere.  So keep your pants on, Barry Melrose, and QUIT GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK ALL THE WAY IN ITALY!  I mean frick, even Mike Babcock was asked about his potential reaction should Q be fired, and he said he’d be “100% stunned”.  Even the coach of the Blackhawks’ biggest rival has enough respect and knowledge of Chicago and their front office that he knows Q is going nowhere fast.  Praise Jesus.

So, do us (and by us, I mean me) a favor and say a little prayer for the boys.  The bromances are suffering because everyone’s a little on edge right now, and Lil Peek-a-boo and Captain Sexpanther aren’t sleeping in the same bed.  This gives M the sadz.

Put on a happy face, boys!  The skid will be over soon enough :)





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