To all my beautiful single ladies:

14 02 2012

I feel your pain. Today sucks for all of us.

drink up!

So, I hope for your sake– your favorite hockey player is single “and ready to mingle”. If he is, and you know it for sure, go find him! And if he has a game tonight…just wait until after to pounce. Today is a day for love. Which means anything goes, right?

this could be you.

Annnnnd if you’re like S & I and your “husband” has already been stuck by Cupid’s arrow…feel free to join us in sulking about how much life sucks today. Buy yourself a big bottle of wine (beer for me tonight– I ran out of wine), a giant bag of chocolate, box of tissues, and a good chick flick (or Dance Moms — our go-to Tuesday night show)…you choose.

S has a sense of humor & seems to think this will be us tonight....

I’m thinking I may need to lock my phone up for the night….

Thankfully, our “husbands” don’t play tonight. They play tomorrow…which means it’ll hurt less to see their beautiful faces on the TV screen….

Oh who am I kidding?! It’ll still suck…

Anyway, have a great day my single ones!





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