Skates & Plates 2012

25 02 2012


This happened the other night. One of my favorite events that the Penguins Organization puts on every season. Skates & Plates. Where the boys trade in their skates for a night and wine & dine their most loyal fans.

I’d like to think our invitations were lost in the mail…

JStaal. I don’t know where to begin. Either cut your hair or wear a hat. This awkward length is doing nothing for me. I would say what I think you look like but…that would put me in the dog house with my best friend. So instead, I’ll just say that you look like a little boy. (Cue angry text from S in 3…..2……1…..)

Nealer. Oh Nealer. I can’t wait to watch the next episode of NHL36. 36 hours of you is like 36 hours of heaven. I’m so love sick it’s pathetic.


How handsome are these boys in their tuxes?! I mean, really?! Could you all be anymore perfect? Red definitely works for all of you. I approve.

They could serve me wine all day long and I would be the happiest girl in the world.

Oh and this also happened. I’m not quite sure how to react…

Tanger with a ponytail…hmmm…

Beard…I can dig it. The ponytail…meh…I could do without.

Just let it flow, babe. Just let it flow.






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