No. Words.

4 03 2012

So, I totally just tried to crawl through my computer screen. This is an oldie– but definitely a goodie.


Max, please stop showing all this skin. It’s just not good for my health.


No, wait. I was just kidding. Show all the skin you want. You’re worth the heart attack.

Some day, I plan on counting every single tattoo on your body. We’ll giggle over a bottle of wine and braid each other’s hair since yours is now long enough.

I miss seeing you in black and gold. And just because I miss you so much, I’m watching the Flyers/Caps game tonight.

*sigh* ...

(Maybe I should block Tumblr from my computer. It only causes trouble…)

Dearest S, 

Please don’t tell *J* I’m crushin’ on her man so hard. I can’t help it. He’s just so — lovable. 






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