Special Requests…

11 03 2012

Last night I received a not-so-happy text from my cousin. She “nicely” complained that it had been a while since I posted something good. (Apparently the Kane photobomb and Crosby Watch post from last week don’t count) SHEESH! Tough crowd.

Then, it hit me. I knew what she wanted.

He’s young — the definition of Jailbait

Likes his Grey Goose — when in Canada where he can drink, of course ;)

And he just recently won the Stanley cup

Any guesses? I’ll give you 3 …. and the 1st 2 don’t count.

Then while I running errands yesterday — a song came on my radio.

While I immediately text S saying this should be our “husbands” anthem (by replacing all the “girls” with “boy” — and removing the pole references). Think about it for a second. Let it marinate. We all have our Hockey Hubby’s. We all think they look sexy sans shirts. So therefore, I think it’s a perfect match.

After S agreed with me, I began thinking of the boy above. And his celebrations this summer. Which then led me to think that the above song is not for our husbands. It’s for Tyler. Because if you remember correctly, all he did was Strip.

Exhibit A:

Annnnnnd Exhibit B:

So, now that I’m pretty sure my cousin is passed out on the floor somewhere…I can say I’ve fulfilled my promise to her when I said I’d “post some special” today.

There you go. Tyler has his own song now. You’re welcome.


PS– the amount of random stuff that goes through my mind in any given day is scary.



3 responses

11 03 2012

i love you.

12 03 2012
Rachelle Vaughn

Thank you. You just made my day :)

14 03 2012

Glad I could be of service :)

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