To: @VDub79

14 03 2012

Every once and a while, we get tweets/comments about how our blog has a major flaw and that flaw is the fact that we don’t talk about a certain player or team more often. Well, we got another one today.

This one kind of took me back. Zach Parise! She was right. How could we possibly ignore him. I know he’s a hottie, S knows he’s a hottie. Hell, everyone knows he’s a hottie. Just look at that face. That bone structure. That smile. The hair that looks like he just rolled out of bed…


I’d like to think I’ve over looked him because…well, to be honest, I just look past everything New Jersey in general. Except Jersey Shore. That show…hahaha. Anyway, no offense to all our Jersey fans. It’s just not my cup of tea– being from Boston and all.  Maybe it’s the smell? Then again, Boston smells like an armpit too. But I promise, no more looking past Jersey anymore.

S is probably reading this and mumbling not-so-nice words under her breath because she too lived in Jersey for a few years. (Love you, S)

So…back to the man above. I wonder how he does his hair. Does he follow the no shampoo rule like our boy Nealer?

I love you even if you don't wash your hair <3

Captain of the New Jersey Devils. 5’11 195lbs of pure Midwestern boy man. That’s right. He’s from Minnesota. There’s something about Canada and the Midwest. They just breed purebreds over/up there. Something the Northeast is seriously lacking. (Sorry boys– but it’s true)

DID YOU HEAR ME, S?! I SAID MINNESOTA! <– she loves Minnesota boys.

Anyway, I’m not going to lie. What I know about Zach is limited — except for the fact that he’s hot as hell. So, for all you other ladies out there who are the same– I dug this gem up for you.


(PS- Wipe your mouth…you’re drooling.) ;)





4 responses

15 03 2012

Thanks girls. Damn, I love that laugh. And that smile. And those ‘melt in your mouth’ chocolate eyes. Hmmmm. Anyway, back to reality. Three guesses as to who gave it the 5 star rating, but you’ll only need one. ;-)

15 03 2012

Glad you loved it! :)

20 03 2012

Minnesota Girl right huuur! Who greatly appreciates L’s love for my homestate boys. <3 What can I say? We breed winners. ;)
Anyway, speaking of Minnesota's knack at being easy on the eyes, have you ladies checked out Matt Niskanen (pun intended) from the Pens? Oofta.
If there were ever a perfect hockey husband for me, it's him. Minnesotan? Check. Hockey player? Check. Painfully attractive? Abso-fucking-lutely. ;)

20 03 2012

S & I know the Penguins roster like the back of our hands.

Of course we know Frisky Nisky! He’s S’ back up plan if JStaal ever falls through. :)

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