19 03 2012

It’s time for when things get a little weird up in here.  And by weird, I mean great.  Why so great?  Because this is a tribute post to one of my have playas in the game.  Oh yes, ladies and…..well, fangirls.  I’m talking about the man, the myth, the beauty.  KRIS.  VERSTEEG.

He’s my favorite man-boy.  And I mean that in the greatest possible way.  Currently a top-line forward for the surprising Florida Panthers, he’s previously played for the Blackhawks, Flyers, and Maple Leafs.  He’s a stud muffin.  Frat star.  White rapper that rivals that Matty B kid.  Yes, he’s 7, but give Steeger credit, he has a different day job.  Plus, for some reason, he makes me fangirl like hhnnnnggggghhhhhhh :) And, for one thing, everyone fangirls over Captain Sexpanther and Lil’ Peekaboo, so it’s only right for me to pick a backup to my backup.

List of reasons why I love the Steeger.  Leggo:

1) His favorite word is beauty.

2) He’s in love with Fergie.

3) He raps like a white boy and I love it.

4) This video just warms my heart.

5) Old School. Sick. Mitts.

6) New School. Sick. Mitts.

I fangirl my face off for that man.  He’s wonderful in every dorky way :)

Tell us your favorite unconventional hotties in the NHL, and maybe we’ll feature them in a post on Hockey’s Finest!





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