Lethal Weapon

23 03 2012

Well, it’s unfortunately come to this.  Duncan Keith, one half of the dynamic first defensive pairing for the Chicago Blackhawks, got an elbow up on a hit to Daniel Sedin during the Blackhawks 2-1 overtime win Wednesday night.

As much as I love the Blackhawks, and I know how intense the rivalry is with the Canucks, that was an undeniably dirty hit.  However, I think the difference between this hit and other elbows we’ve seen flying this season, I truly believe it depends on the person it comes from.  Duncan Keith is not a dirty player by any stretch of the definition.  He plays the game how it should be played:  straight-up skill.  I do think this hit warrants a suspension though.  Probably 2-3 games, depending on what Sedin’s evaluation says.

I will say one more thing:  this will heat up the rivalry even more, and especially going into the playoffs, these teams could realistically meet again.  And when they do, it’s going to be an all out brawl.

What do you think?  How long should Keith be suspended for?  Let us know in the comments!




2 responses

24 03 2012

How come Duncan K gets 5 games when Daniel S wasn’t even bleeding. LeBangin gets his nose broken, blood all over the ice and Max P only got 3 games. I wonder about some of these decisions.

24 03 2012

I completely agree with you, Vicki. As a Blackhawks fan, and considering Keith is the absolute opposite of a repeat offender, I think Shanahan was a bit excessive on the suspension. But, you have to realize that looking at the tape it seemed that his elbow did intentionally go up and he almost left his feet. Then again, he might just be appeasing the very vocal, very aggressive Vancouver fan base that doesn’t like Chicago at all. You never know with these things!

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