Goon: Best Movie Ever

26 03 2012

This is a must see.

Just trust us. 

Go get your Goon swag from

Seriously, I spent 90% of my time laughing out loud alone in my apartment. The other 10% of the time I was trying to talk myself into thinking one of the actors did NOT look like Kris Letang (if he was a pot head/coc addict) and that it was just my imagination. What do you guys think?

I blame the hair and overall BAMF personality.

Anyway, take a couple hours out of your busy hockey filled schedules. Grab a beer & sit back to watch a beauty of a movie. I believe it was released in theaters in Canada. But for us USA folks, you can rent it on iTunes for $9.99 (let’s face it– that’s like going to the movies so don’t be complaining about how it’s too expensive) and I also saw it on On Demand for those with Comcast.

It’s got the Hockey’s Finest stamp of approval. 





2 responses

27 03 2012
Sarah Jane

Loved this movie… I ordered it onDemand too and cannot wait until Thursday to buy it on DVD. Our generation’s Slapshot… and I am with you on the whole Letang situation. I found myself attracted to that actor for that reason… Weird!

27 03 2012

I didnt want to be attracted to him…but I was. Ugh. lol it’s the hair. I’m such a sucker.

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