Bring on the beards & mullets

5 04 2012

I feel like I have the same discussion with myself almost every time the playoffs come around. What is the female equivalent to a “playoff beard” or “playoff mullet”?? It’s gotta be something “uncomfortable” as all the guys do during the playoffs is complain about how itchy their beards are. It’s also got to be something that you could do at work without getting fired. And preferably something that’s socially acceptable.

Very cute option -- but let's take it a step further.

After some research — thanks to S’ man friend — we’ve got a few options for you all to consider.

Here are the options that come to everyone’s mind: (just admit it–you’ve thought about it)

1. Don’t shave your legs. We all know that there may be a few weeks during the winter where you all get too lazy (or cold) to shave your legs so you go into “hibernation”. But lets be honest, not shaving your legs from April – June is just not socially acceptable. Please, if you’re going to do this…wear pants.

2. Don’t pluck/wax/thread eyebrows. While this seems like a harmless option, once again… uni-brows are frowned upon in society. Don’t. Just don’t.

3. Lucky underwear. Now this is just plain disgusting. As much as I love Sidney Crosby, I find his “lucky jockstrap” to be completely disgusting. So please, ladies, let’s not. Unless of course, you have enough underwear in your teams colors to last you 2 months. If you do, go for it.

But let’s get to the option that won’t repel the opposing gender — for those of you who have men to impress on a daily basis. Also the options that can be done that will still make us look cute!

While showing your support through fashion seems like the obvious answer — jewerly, clothes, etc can be taken off before bed. A man’s beard can not. So, rocking your team colors everyday works to a certain extent, but doesn’t count. It causes zero discomfort.

Highlights. While S and I have easy team colors (black & gold), some of you have colors like Orange or Green. But hey, if you’re up for the challenge — do it up! I fully support it. Unfortunately, some of us (cough::me::cough) already over process their hair. So for me to put blonde/gold streaks in my hair would take hours of corrective coloring and money that I just don’t have. If you have money to throw around — this option is for you.

Paint your nails your team colors. I don’t know about you ladies, but having undone/chipped nail polish drives me ABSOLUTELY insane. It either needs to be done to perfection or completely gone. The fact that I wouldn’t be able to touch them until June makes me irritated, but that’s what makes this perfect! I’m sure other girls out there feel the same as me. Whether you can’t keep the nail polish on and instantly chip it off OR need them done all the time — this may be the option for you.


1. The nail polish/highlights goes on/in Wednesday, April 11th (or the night before). It can be done professionally OR by yourself.

2. REMEMBER: no maintenance. If our men have to suffer with itchy beards on their faces…we can survive with un-manicured nails/un-dyed roots for 2 months. (think of all the money you’ll save!)

3. Once your team is out, YOU’RE FREE! Wipe that nail polish off and make your way to the nearest nail salon where you can pamper yourself for being a supportive female fan. If you did the highlights option– go ahead to the nearest salon and correct the color.

So ladies, who’s going to join us? I’m going to buy my black & vegas gold nail polish tonight! Playoffs are just a week away. If you need to book appointments, don’t wait too long.

However, if you have other options…feel free to let us know! We’ve been killing brain cells by thinking of reasonable options.




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