21 05 2012

Four days until my butt is on it’s way to the Windy City to visit S. (M was supposed to be there too…but college calls…BOOOO. So much for a Hockey’s Finest party) :(

Anyway, I’ve already got my Toews and Kane shirseys in my suitcase — so far that’s all I’ve packed. But that’s all I need, right? Since I’m on my way to Blackhawks land, I figured I’d creep to see what the boys were doing so far this summer. Maybe I’d get lucky and someone will still be in the city. PKane? Tazer? How about the two together? One for me & one for S?? No?? Ok, fine.

But I did just want to let y’all know I’ll be in town. So if you see a couple girls in the clubs doing this…

bottoms up.

…stop and say hi. It’s probably S and I.

Ok…just kidding. That makes us look like alcoholics.

But for real, S is new to the city and I’ve never been. So we’re opening this up to you guys. We know we have some readers out there. Where are the best places to go? What about sports bars? Things to do while in town? I just saw that The Underground closes at 5am on Saturdays — you best believe we’ll be there until last call.

But that only kills 1 of my 10 days in town. So keep the suggestions coming. If I see anyone important (doubtful), you’ll be the first to know.

Anyway, signing off until I get back! Time to focus on packing, cleaning, and getting my nails done.


….flat line….

This picture has nothing to do with me going to Chicago. Nor is it new. This just has to do with the fact that I miss my favorite boys. And this picture is just plain sexy. Work it boys!




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