And a Swift Kick to the Cohones Goes to…..

24 05 2012

Wow, CBC.  For once I’m not pissed off about something that Mike Milbury has said (although every time homeboy opens his mouth, the world gets a little sadder).  No, I’m pissed about a program on your network, called “While the Men Watch”.  Are you serious?!

In all seriousness though, this is a very sexist program.  It’s 2012 for crying out loud, and I’ll have you know that I, personally, know quite a bit more about hockey than many of my male friends.  L and S wouldn’t have started this wonderful blog if they knew absolutely diddly-squat about hockey.

Some people might be like, “Oh, you’re just getting worked up about nothing; it’s a little program.”  But try being like me, attempting to break into the world of sports for a career, and being looked at during interviews by men who have only one thought running through their head:  “She’s got boobs…..not qualified.”  Women in sports have to work twice as hard to prove they’re not some bimbo who wants to do this job so that she can get closer to the athletes.  Some of us, myself included, want to work in sports because we love the game.  It’s not just a man’s world anymore, so all you jocks better get used to it.  And with that, all I have to say is:

How do you feel about this wonderful display of equality from CBC?  Feel free to read this article from Yahoo Sports about the announcement:




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