Off Season = Fresh Ink

29 05 2012

This is for all you tattoo loving ladies out there, like me.

Can you guess who it is on the left?

Here’s hint #1: Look at his tat on his rib cage. Stil don’t know? Hint #2: He’s the youngest member on the Bruins. Hint #3: He likes his alcohol….when in Canada of course ;)

Yup, you guessed it ladies. It’s Baby Seguin — who isn’t so baby anymore. I think he officially has graduated from his baby status.

Me likey.

Now if only he could start working on his tan.


PS – day one in Chicago without S for me. She’s off to work already. What kind of trouble can I get myself into? Funny story. I lost my belly button ring sometime this weekend. Which means I’m going to go to the near by tattoo shop to get a new one. Lets hope I stay strong. S says I’m not allowed to add to my ink collection without her. But we all know my will power sucks. Happy Monday lovely’s! xoxo




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